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Artists: Susan Jaworski-Stranc (curator), Christiane Corcelle, Lori DeMartin, Laurie Hartwick, Jean Winslow

September 14, 2013-January 26, 2014

Reception: Saturday, October 26, 12-2 PM

Antique vintage wood bobbins, original monoprints and other materials

The main part to the assemblage of these ‘Bobbinflies’ is the antique vintage wood bobbin.  During the American Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s, wood bobbins were used in the collecting or the releasing of yarns during the automatic weaving production of yard goods at textile mills established along many New England waterways. 
The wood bobbins were machine carved from indestructible hardwoods such as ash, oak, and birch.  Over the next century though, as the textile weaving machinery and threads were improved and modernized, the wood bobbins were replaced and tossed aside as archaic and useless.
The bobbins used in this installation were recently salvaged from a stockpile of discarded ones during the renovation of an old mill building turned artist studios at Western Avenue, Lowell.

The five artists metamorphosed the wood bobbins into creatures dynamic and wonderful and nick named them affectionately Bobbinflies. The fanciful wings are comprised of original hand printed monoprints created by each of the artists and cut into a diverse range of shape, size and texture. Each is an unique creation.

Expand your knowledge! Use the photos and accompanied descriptions as a field guide to identify each fictional species of Bobbinflies as they move and spin on the air currents.

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