Chrissy Theo Hungate


Artist’s Statement

The human condition is an infinite source of inspiration for my art work. The human entity is a physical and emotional vessel that embodies a multitude of experiences, and past conditions that potentially affect its every move. The potential for action adds mystery to any artwork containing the human figure. What came before and what will come after the moment frozen in time in a painting, sculpture or other work? That human mystery and the compassion it invokes continually inspires and intrigues me.

Artist’s Bio
Chrissy has been a part of the Brush Studios since fall of 2005. She is a native of Lowell, MA. Her work often reflects sociological themes dealing with the human condition. She is classically trained, having extensively studied the human figure at the College of Fine Arts at Boston University, where she earned a BFA in Sculpture in 1986. Chrissy’s work incorporates mixed media in 2-D drawing, and painting, as well as 3-D sculpture.