More on FIELD TRIP, in search of ‘BOBBINFLIES’

Artists: Susan Jaworski-Stranc (curator), Christiane   Corcelle, Lori DeMartin, Laurie Hartwick, Jean Winslow

September 14, 2013-January 26, 2014

Reception: Saturday, October 26, 12-2 PM

Linen, monoprints, large bobbins

 How do butterflies see the world as they flit about here and there?

The five artists went on a field trip of their own through a collective pool of their prints to seek out colors, shapes, textures, and landscapes of patterns to create three scroll panels of fabric and print assemblages to complement the environment of the installation,

Brush Art Gallery

FIELD TRIP, in search of Bobbinflies (second floor, main staircase). The fabric itself is linen dishtowel, woven in the Lowell mills. The bobbins that ground the panels were those once used in the textile mills. By choosing colors and shapes that move naturally down the length of the scroll panel, the artists appeal to the music and colors of nature. One scroll panel may evoke the staccato notes of a piano as does the rippling music of a running stream heard from afar. Another scroll panel may evoke the warm sunny day colors and scents of choice flowers that draw butterflies to their heady fragrance and bright hues. The boldness and color draw us in as do flowers enrapturing the butterfly; the movement down the scroll takes us on a colorful meander through landscapes of shape and form.

The scroll panels are a field trip into exploration of color, shape, texture and form while binding two materials, print and woven textile, into cohesive flow from sky to ground.


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